Immigration to Canada

If you are still considering immigration to Canada as a long-term project or if you are ready to immigrate but don’t know how to start and which immigration program to pick, your best option as a first step would be a Free Assessment done by our reliable immigration partner ANYVISA.

What is a Free Assessment?

This is your first step towards your immigration goals. We are practicing Immigration Law for almost 25 years ensuring a modern approach to customer service unlike many other traditional Immigration firms in Canada. As a part of this approach, ANYVISA specialists accept free-of-charge Free Assessment applications to find out IF and HOW they can help people from all over the world in a complex immigration process.

What happens AFTER the Free Assessment?

Upon careful (and free-of-charge!) examination, if there is a real chance that ANYVISA can help, they offer you to discuss your private data directly with their licensed Immigration Expert – Dr. Alex Titov. Once you place an order, they will arrange a mutually convenient time for you to meet in-person at their office in Vancouver or via Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, etc. To order the consultation, follow this link.


· This service is Client-oriented, with no further contractual obligation and covering uniquely YOUR situation;

· This is a professional (and responsible) advice so you will understand your next steps and decide on what you need to do;

· This is a face-to-face meeting with an Expert who has almost 25 years of experience in precisely the area of your interest;

· This is the time to also discuss all other options and suitable alternatives to direct PR-applications;

· Your confidential information will be fully protected by the Counsel-Client privileges;

· You are entitled, if you wish, to bring a Spouse/Partner with you to this Consultation to expedite a decision-making process

· The amount you pay for the consultation will be deducted from any further ANYVISA services fee.



In the same time, please call Oleg Tsaryov, Realtor in Greater Vancouver, Canada if you have any questions or inquiries regarding buying residential or commercial real estate. Oleg is available at 604-719-4490, [email protected]